Suatu Malam Di Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Bayar RM200 Untuk Seks Sama Gadis Melayu 19 Tahun

One of my Malaysian friends introduced this Malay girl to me on one of my trips to Kuala Lumpur. I was waiting in my hotel room in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur when I heard a knock on my room door. On opening the door, my eyes caught sight of a dark Malay beauty who quickly introduced herself as Ayu. She said she was a student at a local college in Kuala Lumpur, and doing this only on a part-time basis just to earn some pocket money. Anyway, the night's action began with kiss on her sweet small lips, and me sucking on her boobs. After the boobs sucking, kiss on the lips and tickled her clit. This time she got high, and she actually was moving her lips, kissing me back! She moaned lightly with her eyes closed and I kept doing that until she came and told me she couldn't take it anymore. Her right hand rubbed my balls. Then she took my finger and showed me how she want me to touch her. She wanted me to put my finger on her pussy slit and stroke all along the slit to her clit, repeatedly! Hmm, she really wanted to enjoy it, so I did that, while still kissing her lips. I stroked her slit for 5 minutes while she trembled and moaned all the way with her eyes closed.

After that she opened her eyes, smiled, and pointed to my dick, I think she wanted to fuck. She capped me and wanted to lie down, I said I wanted cowgirl, this time she obliged. As she sat on my dick and I entered her, her reaction was enormous. She loved it. She wanted to start fucking but I stopped her, I just wanted my whole shaft in her and sit there a while hugging her. With my shaft full in she was moaning and her eyes closed, and we hugged tightly and she grinded me slowly. She couldn't take it, it was too much and she lay down and asked for missionary.

I obliged, and knowing what she liked, I stroked my dickhead over her slit, before entering her tight passage. I pushed my dick all the way inside her wet pussy and she wrapped her legs around my buttocks. I fucked her for 10 minutes in this position and she kept moaning.

I suddenly remembered I wanted to try the doggy position with her, so she turned around facing the mattress with her buttocks high up in the air. I then inserted my dick into her pussy from behind. So now she was at my mercy, I could squeeze her boobs with my right hand, touched her clitoris with my left hand and fucked her pussy with my huge dick. I wanted her to experience sensory overload. She got my intention and she went along with it. I started fucking her, and she moaned. She also helped by moving her hips in circular and downward motion to help get my shaft deep into her, as I kept tickling her clit.

As my curved cock head was rubbing against the inside of her tight pussy, I felt myself reaching beyond the point of no return and moaned, it felt so good, when she heard that she increased her speed and kept grinding me. She went as deep as she could, while I still tickled and tickled her clit. I came seconds later, but she kept going and going! As soon as I came, I was sweating like mad, even in the aircond and we were naked.

She really enjoyed it as you can tell, and so did I.

On another note, the next afternoon I got another fuck in Petaling Jaya.. Since I had not fucked an Indonesian girl for quite a while, I requested for one. The girl I fucked that afternoon was also 19 years old, very pretty with sexy body and she called herself Macy. ... but I don't think that's her real name...but then who cares .. as long as the naked 19 year old body I was fucking is real... haha!

Sorry no nude pics, because she didn't allow me to snap any... but she was a really good fuck. I strongly recommend you try her when you happen to be in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Only RM170.00 for a 45 minute fuck... oklah tu, bro.

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